Food Vans or Food Trucks are all the rage right now! From events hiring just the big guys to blogs totally dedicated to them (find Bite Me in here too). What is it about these beasts of the food vendor business that causes so much attention?

They’re Big, They’re Beautiful

Could we have said it any better. Nothing catches your attention more than a huge display with bright colours and decorative detail. The idea is that they catch your eye and bring you in closer to see what they have to sell. Bite Me Food Service has its own Bite Me Truck which is definitely an eye catcher with its bright yellow colour and images of delicious mini donuts. The logo is presented nice and wide along with contact details, so even if you pass us along the highway you know who we are and how to get in touch.

The Food Truck is Simple

Not only are they quite distinctive, the food truck is becoming ever more popular because they cut pack up and pack down time by half. There are no marquees, these can take hours to set up. It’s usually as simple as opening a few hatches, getting your machines up and running and putting out signs and decor – done! The Bite Me Truck can be up and running within 15 minutes. This is because everything you need is packed inside, most of it does not need to be moved. There is no need to relocate multiple crates and boxes full of stock.

Just the One Vehicle

Understandably, many events and functions will try and limit the amount of cars coming into the event location. This could be because of the patrons walking around or maybe there is just not enough space. With the truck, it’s a food van on wheels which means there is no need to bring another vehicle in to drop off crates or tow into place. Plus, getting into position is as easy as just driving into place. So long tricky reverse maneuvers!

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